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CloverSpelling.png Following the release of New Super Lucky's Tale, their family name has been referred as "Swiftails" (single T, not a double T) is kept for this naming convention and consistency throughout the wiki. See Lucky's Tale Wiki:Disclaimer for more details.

The Swiftails are members of the Guardian Order.
The Swiftails appears in New Super Lucky's Tale.

The Swiftails[note 1] is a family introduced on a prologue in New Super Lucky's Tale. They're a family of foxes and a part of the Guardian Order.


They used to reside in Foxington but due to Jinx's antics, their brother and parents are missing and currently in an undisclosed location.

Lyra expresses her concern about her parents after they went missing stuck in the Book of Ages. She describes that their mother takes care for herself, while their dad is a "trouble magnet". But seems to be trustworthy that their brother, Lucas, can handle any kind of situation and seems to be doing alright for himself.


The family consists of their father Liam, and their children Lucas, Lyra, and Lucky. Their mother's name is not mentioned nor it was confirmed.


Main article: Lucky

Lucky Swiftail is a young, curious, and courageous orange fox kit wearing a short blue cape and blue sneakers with white soles and laces.

One trait that can be naturally inferred is his undying determination despite Lucky's minimal dialogue in the game, Lucky is a curious, sweet-natured, brave, and loyal fox with a positive attitude. He seems to care for his brother, Lucas, as he asks Lyra why she doesn't mention him when talking about their family uniting.

Tess notes when she subjects Lucky to her marble mazes, that Lucky seems to enjoy being challenged.


Main article: Lyra

Lyra Swiftail is Lucky’s older sister. Lyra appears to be taller, slimmer, and has similar features akin to Lucky, she wears an aviator attire, with a long blue scarf hanging in front, white gloves, short brown boots, and a leather jacket. In her concept photo and in some cutscenes, she appears to have a protective brown goggles tucked on her forehead.

She is brave, courageous, determined, and defensive amongst the family; she is also known for being a big role as a Guardian. She is a big influence for her younger brother, Lucky, to be part of the Guardians. She has won multiple awards as seen on picture frames, accolades, and books on the top shelf; branching from aviation to becoming a Guardian herself.


Main article: Lucas

Lucas Swiftail closely resembles Lucky, even including the Guardian sigil on his cyan leather jacket.

Lyra notes that he's tough and very smug, and tried to recruit him to be part of the Guardians and he declined as he likes to go to his own accord. He also considers himself to be Lady M's biggest fan and may have befriended both Jinx and the Kitty Litter seeing as he has no hesitation in freeing them.

Lucas is also described as suave and confident as pointed by Worrying Wilson after Lucky defeating Jinx.


When you were young, your dad Liam was best buddies with Jinx before he betrayed the Guardian Order.
— Greg the Mailgolem

Liam Swiftail is the father of the family. He is introduced in New Super Lucky's Tale in the prologue.

There isn't much about him, apart from only Lyra and Greg explicitly mentioning it about his sudden disappearance, and that Jinx and Liam used to be best friends until Jinx betrayed the Guardians when Lucky was young. Lyra also describes him as a "trouble magnet".

Unnamed mother

The unnamed mother is a character that appears on the prologue of New Super Lucky's Tale. Little to no background information is given to her, apart from Lyra noting that she takes care for herself.

Family tree

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  1. An alternate spelling is "Swiftails", with double T's.